International Consortium
for Diagnostics & Outcomes in Transplantation


ICDOT was established by the Banff Molecular Pathology working group to develop a secure data repository for the Banff Allograft Pathology Group to contribute and access multidimensional data from organ transplant patients.


Expression data generated worldwide will be integrated with histological and clinical data to facilitate comprehensive evaluation and mechanistic insights into the diagnosis and assessment of allograft rejection and injury.


In addition to centralizing data, the platform will implement algorithms for analysis and machine learning-based assessment to facilitiate the validation of molecular diagnosis to improve treatment and outcomes in transplant patients.

Founding Members

Molecular Diagnostics

Recent technologies based on FFPE biopsy analysis are performed on the same tissue sample as used for routine histology, allowing direct histo-molecular data integration.

International collaboration

The ICDOT repository represents the full spectrum of transplant phenotypes from multiple large cohorts worldwide. Participating groups have secure access to anonymized data to facilitate a joint effort to validate tissue based molecular testing in transplant care.